Holy Cross Lutheran Church & School


While not all curriculum is from Christian publishers, all classes are taught from a Christian perspective meant to show the beauty of God's creation, the purpose of His plan, and the depth of His love for us.

Pre-school and kindergarten:
A Beka

1-2 core curriculum:
A Beka

3-8 core curriculum:
Scott Foresman, Prentice Hall, Everyday Math, A Beka

Religion Classes:
We begin each day with devotion and prayer. Following devotion, religion will include Bible history, catechism, spiritual songs, and Bible passages. All classes are Christ-centered, and taught using Scripture as the complete truth.

Physical Education:
PE classes are taught twice a week and include units such as basketball, volleyball, square dancing, and physical testing. We end every year with a field day, which combines all learned skills.

Art is taught once a week. It includes art history, elements of art,sketching, fun art projects, and set painting for the play.

Spanish is taught for 1-8th grade and includes basic, simple conversation and vocabulary.

Sign Language: Sign language is taught in connection with music class once a week and also includes basic, simple conversation and vocabulary.

Music is taught through participation in spiritual songs, secular songs, and the tone chime choir. Basic theory and note reading are also a part of the music program.